tubi speciali briantubi

Due to their particular characteristics, special tubes are only manufactured on request.

Bendable plastic coated tubes

The characteristics of the tube and the coating allow bending.

The resulting product has all the technical and aesthetic characteristics of a plastic coated tube.

  • corrosion resistance
  • tear resistance
  • aging resistance

It’s electrically insulating.

The non-toxic (no heavy metals) plastic used for the coating has been enhanced with U.V.A. screening.

Standard with 20- 22 – 24 external diameter.

Precision plastic coated tubes

Steel tubes coated with particularly strong plastic (>98 Shore A).
In addition to the characteristics typical of our standard coatings, the high hardness level and the high thickness of this coating make the tubes suitable for special uses and further processing, such as, for example external and internal lathing.
Diameters and thicknesses on request.

Bendable painted tubes

Tubes painted with thermoplastic materials can be cut, bent, perforated and reduced without the risk of flaking or detachment.
High shock, wear and abrasion resistance.
Resistance to weather conditions, acid attacks, salt attacks, bases, hydrocarbons, and so on. Good surface appearance.
No toxicity.