infinitely recyclable briantubi

Briantubi produces surface treated tubes for the furniture sector and the specialized distribution, as well as decorative tubes for the home furnishing sector, in accordance with current legal requirements and using tomorrow’s technologies. Our main ongoing project is to replace hexavalent chromium, already banned in several products and processes, with trivalent chromium, or chromium in its most natural state.

In planning such replacement, it needs to guarantee similar or even better technical characteristics in terms of hardness, corrosion resistance and appearance.

With the registered trademarks Threechromium and Threesatin, Briantubi is today capable of offering tubes with polished chromium and Cromvelour satin finishes that meet the current legal requirements using tomorrow’s technologies.

The Ruthenyum and Thytanium surface finishes are two new first-rate finishes for the furnishing sector. Ruthenyum is an environmentally friendly variant of the Black Nickel finish, while Thytanium is a satin finish that very closely simulates the colour of titanium.