To date, about 50% of the European production of the iron and steel sector is from recyclable materials, and approximately 96% of the waste produced is recycled.

Daily consumer goods and paper, glass, plastic and aluminium packaging materials, are partly already collected separately and recycled. For durable goods made of wood, metal, plastic etc., such procedures are still not very well developed.

With the object of further promoting recycling within a framework of sustainable development, the Ecometal consortium has launched the Infinitely Recyclable brand.

The brand sets the requirements of recyclable materials, the production processes that they must undergo and the characteristics of the final products, on the basis of the research and development activities carried out by the research team of Istituto Nazionale per la Fisica della Materia (INFM – National Institute of Matter Physics).

The factors determining the recyclability of a single material include, among others, the level of purity of the product recovered.

Recycling complexity increases when toxic substances associated with the recovery stages are generated, with unwanted effects on the environment and the human body.

In 2003, the company obtained the Infinitely Recyclable certificate from Ecometal for its galvanic surface treatments using nickel and chromium.

In its production processes, Briantubi only uses renewable source energy.